Zeitgeist : Dystopia

by Magoth

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Magoth’s second studio album »Zeitgeist : Dystopia« is a declaration of war to all dogmatists whose perfidious visions poison and shape the Zeitgeist. Three chapters – Rise, Zenith and Decay – reveal the vicious cirle of a man-made dystopia.

What Magoth provide is truly an excess. Inspired by the Second Wave of Black Metal the brutal drumming and well-versed riffing create a driving and punchy, yet trance-like atmosphere.

»Zeitgeist : Dystopia« continues the journey Magoth began with their debut »Anti Terrestrial Black Metal« (2017). This masterpiece of extreme music provides a profound trip to the core of oneself.


released November 9, 2018

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Mario Dahmen / Liquid Aether Audio
Artwork: Luciferium War Graphics
Layout & Prepress: Lara van Eikelen
Management & Distribution: shagnARTmusic
Promotion: Markus Eck / Metalmessage


all rights reserved



Magoth Bonn, Germany

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Track Name: Once Ylem Began
Once Ylem began
An aeon tore apart
And time was born

Eternal forces
Were shattered by a power
A power, too vast to be controlled

The wheel of time kept turning forth
In enmity, formed a world unknown
Brought the dark, the deepest murk
And the light, that brightened the void

Ripped out from eternal harmony
Separated and forced to foreignness
An elegy of a vicious circle
Once foreseen and yet forgotten


All the atoms
And all the powers
All the spheres
Life arose
And death prevailed
Once Ylem began
From eternal darkness and light

All the atoms
And all the powers
All the spheres
But segregated
At the same trice in time
Once Ylem began

Ylem Deus
Track Name: Sinister Forces Arose
Totality on a wayward path
Let separation arise
Antitheses, born in dusk
To rule the life, to kill, to divide

Sinister Forces arose
And brought the darkness above
Strived to reign the existence
Dominated by oppression

By Tyrants
Full of hate
Commandeered to form the masses
When Sinister Forces arose

Darkness was overwhelmingly
Black clouds, arisen from the plague
The view was blurred from the fog
Gloriously and deceptive as well

In the end
Sinister Forces
Kept overhand
Track Name: Above The Sacred Lands
All the spirits were marching on
Hope had vanished, blanked the dawn
Strained the mortal blackening sheet
Above the Sacred Lands

The tide had turned

Dark forces pervaded all
Poisoned what was once pure
A thousand thorns
stabbed deep inside
Triconicus; damnation’s seed was sown

Fate was decided and pronounced
It was doomed

There’s no right
There’s no wrong
A king appeared
Formed by death
Track Name: Beneath All Venom And Void
The fog turns into black
The seed of hatred, hatched
While Triconicus awakes

Beneath all Venom and Void
Lurks the doom
Beneath all Venom and Void
Lurks the death
Beneath all Venom and Void
Dystopia reigns
Darkness cloaks all hearts in black

Grim times descend
Essencing man
Threatened and poisoned
Crawling on the paths of slavery

But beneath all venom and void
Another power dawns
The remaining ones
Resistance is born
Track Name: The Fates Of Resurrection
The dogma at its peak
Traversed by suffocation
Even if hope dies last
It dies, transmigrates henceforth

Averted of lies and deception
A unity is forming
Aware of presence and the Sein
And the unknown paths

Yet Triconicus is almighty
Ruling since time immemorial

First the rise, then zenith and decay
The cycle unbroken and cast in stone
Signs are set – Zeitgeist : Dystopia
A relentless law, as old as the time

» … the Fates of Resurrection
A self-immolation for greater things
Conscious of the truthful paths
Undeceived, gallantly

– Triconicus exposed … «
Track Name: Summoning The Apocalypse
There’s no way back, nowhere to turn
Declaration of war pronounced
Darkness fights against the light
Damned in united demise

Summoning the Apocalypse
Summoning the Apocalypse

Fires are lit and burst
Truth is now unearthed
In conviction
The battle begins
Existence is doomed
And the war imminent
All is agone
Cleansing remains to be done

» … the Tyrants hiding in the sky
Dense clouds are passing by
Hail stains the soil in red
The abyss is going to spread
Dystopia’s warlords being traced
All hope erased … «

Hail chaos!
Hail fire!
Hail warfare!
Hail darkness!

Hail chaos!
Hail fire!
Hail warfare!
Hail darkness!
Track Name: When Tyrants Shall Fall
Gates of damnation shall transcend
When the final war begins
Darkness blinded by the light
By the brightest shine

The hammer of doom shall fall
Strongholds inflamed, far and wide
Tyrants will be drowned in blood
Which was once shed

When Tyrants shall fall
Nothingness remains
When Tyrants shall fall
A long awaited death

Torches will ignite,
warfields will burgeon
The predators who fought
will be chased
As above so below,
distinctions will pale
Through iron volition,
the world will burn

When Tyrants shall fall
Nothingness remains
When Tyrants shall fall
A long awaited death

The flames will cleanse
What was, is, will be
The apocalypse judge
Will turn masses to ash

The flames will cleanse
What was, is, will be
The apocalypse judge
And ashes will fall down
Track Name: Solidified Ashes Awake
The congealed existence
Dead black covered
Alike the widow’s veil
Obscure the scarred face

Ashes shall reunite
Cleanse all disparity
Powers bundled together
Beneath the robe of death

Solidified Ashes awake

All the time and masses
Will gather in itself
Enigma will be destroyed
Just like an aeon ago

All the vast energies
And masses reunited
All will merge together
To form the strongest force

Solidified Ashes awake
All the spirits, all beings
And masses will reunite

Concentrated on a point
Allness will reconvene
To form the strongest force
Track Name: The Nemesis Of A Blaze
The time will come to an end
Spirits and life reset
Zero point will be reached
Embers will die again

The flame shall fade away
And the spark asphyxiate

The Nemesis of a Blaze
Will treat all the same
Masses are born to die
Everything will fade away
The circle shall be complete
Triconicus forevermore

» … and all the Aeons become one
Prophecy is done … «

… it shall end where it began …

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